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Ron, 1981 U.S.A.F.
Blue Mountain Stone Supply was founded in 2013 by an Electrical Engineer with a background in Carpentry.
After 20 years as an Engineer and more than 32 years in the electronics field our founder and owner (Ron) returned to his first passion; building construction.
Ron received a Construction Carpentry certificate from North Montco Vocational School in 1979. He used those skills to design and build his own custom home in 2009. But, after searching for stone suppliers in San Diego as well as many out of state suppliers, he was unable to find the desired dark and light grey natural stones with just the right look to finish the exterior.
Finally, after 3 years of searching around the country he found Quarry Cut. Coincidentally, Quarry Cut was located only 20 miles from his hometown in Pennsylvania. A trip to see the stone and his family was in order.
So impressed with the quality, color variety, style selections, and price, Ron not only purchased all the stone for his home
he also pursued a dealership with Quarry Cut to bring this great product to the California marketplace.
And in 2014 Blue Mountain Stone Supply was in business.
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