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Whether you call it stone veneer, thin stone, rock siding, stone siding, outdoor rock facing, or stone facing it's all the same as long as you realize that natural stone is the best product for your project. Nothing beats real stone.
General Information:
All of our products are real stone quarried from Mother Earth.
Real stone (natural thin stone) is all we sell. Its natural look surpasses any man-made cultured stone product.
The dense, solid property of real stone veneer is the perfect finishing touch to any project.
Every piece is different so you will never see a repeating pattern or a "painted" look in the finished work.
Unlike faux stone, real stone veneer can be cut or chipped to any shape needed. No fading, no lime to leech out, very little water absorption so no repairs needed as the years go by. Scratches and chips are nearly invisible. Waste is minimal.
It's the perfect choice to use around water areas such as fountains and pools.
Real stone lasts forever.
Product specs:
Density: 10 to 12 lbs/sq ft.
Natural edges or dressed edge available.
3/4" to 1 1/2" thickness.
Length and width vary with style but range between 6" and 20".
Stone types: Granites, Sandstones, Limestones, & Schists (Mica).
Styles offered: Squares and Strips, Irregular, Ledgestone, River Rock (Rounds), 90˚ corners, 90˚ Ledge Corners.
Approximately 3300 lbs per pallet.
Approximately 240 sq ft per pallet.
Approximately 150 linear ft of 90˚ corners per pallet.
Pallet is approximately 48"x40"x36"
Apply directly onto structurally sound wall using typical masonry methods. No brick ties or ground support needed.
Freight: (To San Diego County)
Prices exclude freight cost.
Freight cost averages $2.00-$3.00 per sq. ft. depending on the quantity of stone ordered.
Direct delivery to job site is the standard delivery method. Lift gate service available.

Payment in full required upon ordering. All stone is special order.
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