Pennsylvania Bluestone

Looking for authentic Pennsylvania bluestone?

We got it.

Highly desired Pennsylvania bluestone is only found in one place in the world. The northeast section of the United States mostly in Pennsylvania.


The stone is quarried and can  be processed (thermaled)  just right to get the non-slip smooth surface texture just right. Gorgeous blues, greys, greens, & browns make it very popular.

If you're looking for a large slab for a fireplace hearth, mantel, flagstone, treads, sills, pavers or steps for landscaping then call us to discuss your needs. We'll get it custom cut if needed and shipped directly to your door step.

Options include natural snapped, rock edge, cut, thermaled or tumbled edges. "Blue" color (blues and greys) or Variegated (aka full color) with blues, greys, browns etc.

With so many products available we are sure to get you just what you need.

bluestone pavers
Bluestone tumbled pavers
Bluestone slab
Custom cut bluestone
Nat. cleft rock edge bluestone steps
bluestone ledge veneer
bluestone paver
tumbled bluestone paver
Pennsylvania bluestone paver